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Two vast wings stretch out to either side of the portico, bringing the footprint of the residence to a sprawling 11,000m2.

Step back in time itself upon first sight of this breathtaking Baroque estate tucked in a lush green stretch of Northern Italy. The rich history of Villa Litta Carini began in the 17th century, when famed architect Giovanni Ruggeri designed a majestic residence that would come to stand the test of time. A long walkway flanked with hedges leads to the striking Neoclassical portico that marks the entry to the estate, welcoming guests and setting a tone of incomparable luxury. Two vast wings stretch out to either side of the portico, bringing the footprint of the residence to a sprawling 11,000m2. To the rear, several courtyards and an immaculate terraced garden overlooking the bucolic countryside will redefine alfresco entertaining and make the most of a coveted position in the rich Lombardy province. Several influential guests have stayed at Villa Litta Carini and were lavishly entertained, such as King Umberto 1 and Giacomo Puccini.

The villa preserves numerous details, a sign of the magnificence typical of the period in which it was built. Treasures untold wait to be discovered: stunning frescoes, 17th century fireplaces, and crystal and brass chandeliers accent soaring ceilings and elegant spaces perfect to entertain in. The present owners have painstakingly restored and preserved much of the palazzo leaving some areas untouched; these now present immense possibilities to bring it back to its ancient splendor. Of particular interest is the historic silk spinning room, or “filanda”, nearly 40 meters long with vast cathedral-like vaulted ceilings, untouched and ready for new purpose. From the sweeping triple-height ballroom on the grand “piano nobile” to the opulent private apartments, every inch of this spectacular property pays homage to its proud historical roots. Walking around this majestic country villa will leave you with an inescapable feeling that you are taking part in a period drama.

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Covered living area
11'000 sqm
Lot area
6,4 Hectares



  • $100,000 Bidder Deposit Required
  • Total: 11,000m2 | 6.4 hectares | 16 bedrooms | 16 bathrooms
  • Architectural Features | 17th century Baroque villa designed by renowned architect Giovanni Ruggeri for the Cavazzi family; Long walking path flanked with hedges to the grand entry with striking Neoclassical portico; Grand staircase; Formal ballroom with seating capacity for 160 and 12-meter-high ceiling; Multiple incredible frescoes; 17th century fireplaces; Crystal and brass chandeliers
  • Outdoor Features | Intricate terraced gardens to the rear with mosaics, nymphaeum, and incredible views of the bucolic countryside; Multiple courtyards
  • Additional Spaces | Private chapel, ice house, museum, stables
  • Location | 30 minutes to historic city of Lodi; 40 minutes to Linate International Airport; 75 minutes to Milan-Malpensa Airport, 45 minutes to Milan; 70 minutes to Bergamo, 80 minutes to Lake Como; 2.5 hours to Portofino, Liguria coast


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