Jaguar D-Type Replica/Recreation 1954 short nose factory car

This is a replica of Jaguar’s well known Works D-type short nose, of which only 6 copies came out of Jaguar’s Coventry factory in 1954. Contrary to most copies of this car this is the original Short Nose racing car with retrofitted fin that can be unscrewed. Other important features are single seat / Monocock with simple window over this place only, door only to the driver, an extra light at the front, sidepipes 2 pieces on the left side, and plate over the passenger seat that is removable.

The car is one of the best replicas in the world and in immaculate condition. The current owner spent s hundreds of hours taking care of the care and restoring it to original shape. It is also completely drivable both on the street (in Sweden) and on race tracks.

Engine: Jaguar 6 cylinder 3.8 liters, 3 SU carburetors and 250 hp. 1960-1964 with wonderful patina.
Gearbox: Moss gearbox with 4 gears (Unsynchronized 1 a) and electronic overdrive. Great to drive even on the highway due to the overdrive gear.
Miles / Miles unknown but the engine runs very well and has been driven for hours on public roads.
Length 4050, Width 1710, Service weight around 1000 kg

An amazing car that sent shivers down my spine when I first laid eyes on it. Having had the opportunity to examine original D-types at Goodwood Revival many times, I can safely say that it is not possible to create a replica that is closer to the original car than this. We are very honored to have been given the exclusive opportunity to sell this cars, and I already want to congratulate the future buyer who seizes this unique opportunity.

Hans NordénWall Street Luxury Europe VP Cars and well-known frequent visitor at Goodwood Revival.

This particular car was built in the 1980s with a Jaguar S-type from 1964 as the starting material.

The car is from Realm Engineering a company that is very well known and respected in replica circles. The car was made by a private person in consultation with the company and the owner of Realm confirmed that this is an extremely well made replica.

The original, the real Jaguar D-Type was built in only 71 copies and was developed to take up the fight on the racetracks (mainly then Le Mans) with the then giant Ferrari for the coveted Le Mans title. Jaguar debuted at Le Mans in 1954 and then won 1955, – 56 and -57. The first victory was taken when the car was steered by the famous driver Mike Hawthorn. A rule change in 1957 then put a stop to further competition with the model.

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