Original Corvette C1 in "Pebble Beach" condition and with matching numbers.

This excellently preserved Corvette C1 is from november 1960 as number 2311 of 10939 ever made. Only 647 were made in the color combination Honduras Maroon/White sides.
Assembled in St Louise, the car has matching component numbers which means that motor and other key components are the actual original that was mounted in the cars from factory. The car also has a hardtop and the original jack screw. The color combination with Honduras Maroon/White Sides exterior and Fawn Beige interior is very rare and sought after. Add to this the exceptional condition this car is in, we are very happy to have gotten the exclusive agreement to find a lucky new owner.


Corvette C1 convertible
1961 (Assembled nov -60)
41253 Miles
Serie no
2311 of 10939
Original 283ci, 270HP
Borg Warner 4 -speed synchro mesh

A fantastic car in a lovely & harmonious color scheme that has totally survived in its original shape since it was rolled off the belt in the factory in 1960.
When looking at this beautiful jewel, the thoughts are brought back into the world of the movies with the film stars driving down Hollywood Boulevard.
Every little detail is in perfect condition and the car feels absolutely amazing to drive.
If exhibited at cars shows, the future owner must be prepared to fill the luggage space with trophies and awards.

Hans NordénWall Street Luxury Europe VP Cars and well-known frequent visitor at Goodwood Revival.

This car has a V8, 283 ci, (about 4.65 liter) engine with dual Carter carburetor of 270 Hp. This was the largest carburetor engine that year. It also has the 4 speed gearbox and positraction rear axle.

The cars has been completely serviced and everything is in perfect condition. There is extensive service history and practically all original documentation is available including serial number of all components.

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