Our Collection Cars division recruits a world-class name!

It is with great pleasure for everyone who loves Collection Cars that Wall Street Luxury Europe has now linked up with Niklas Hannah, who for the past 10 years has worked with the foremost auction house of all Artcurial Motorcars in Paris.

In recent years, he has, among other things. sold the world famous “Baillon Collection”. They also sold the most expensive Ferrari ever sold at auction: a Ferrari 335S for € 32 million and personally Niklas holds the world record for a Mercedes 300 SL roadster, a Swedish car for € 3.1 million. The list is goes on and on.

Niklas Hannah will form a team with our Vice President in the area Collection Cars: Mr Hans Nordén. Together, this world-unique team will be a completely unique resource for you who want to buy or sell Collection Cars. The knowledge within the team is completely outstanding. In addition, Niklas and Hans are on a fantastic network all over the world. In terms of business, the team will work with exclusive agreements as well as both on-market and off-market sales.

If you want to acquire or sell unique Collection Cars, contact Hans Norden and Niklas Hannah at hn@wallstreetluxury-europe.com

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