Property World from Marbella and Wall Street Luxury Europe sign an agreement that will change the exclusive property market in the Costa del Sol
It is with pleasure that Wall Street Luxury Europe presents a unique collaboration with Property World Estates Marbella. The basis of the collaboration is that both clients and high-end properties shall be treated with the highest standards of exclusivity.
 “The collaboration will represent a guiding model for what exclusivity really means”, says Blanca Morales, Vice President Wall Street Luxury Europe with responsibility for the company’s ultra high-net-worth and high-net-worth clients.
Property World will sign exclusive agreements with sellers of top properties in Marbella and the surrounding areas of Costa del Sol. These properties will be marketed directly and targeted towards potential buyers who can afford and aren willing to invest in a unique residential property. The sale will take place both off and on the public market.
“I agree with Wall Street Luxury Europe’s analysis on exclusive residences. Neither sellers nor buyers want to be overexposed to a market where less than 1% can afford and buy the real estate,” says Jean Louis Alonso, CEO of Property World, who has been active for over 30 years on the Costa Del Sol, and he continues: “We are very much looking forward to this collaboration setting a new standard for luxury real estate in Marbella and the surrounding area. The exclusive platform that we, together with Wall Street Luxury Europe, are gradually building for buyers and sellers will be of great importance for our clients and the exclusive segment of real estate in the area.”
The properties will thus not be exposed on the websites of hundreds of brokers, where they usually only function as “depositors” for other property sales. This common way of working is outdated and only helps to reduce the value of the property fairly quick.
The concept will be gradually built up during the spring under the name Marbella Luxury Properties and marketed via, via a new independent website and via direct contact with clients within Wall Street Luxury Europe’s unique international network.
Property World is a local real estate expert and Wall Street Luxury Europe is a global communications expert with a strong focus on the exclusive segment of clients.
“The form of collaboration we are doing with Property World in Marbella will be the norm for our collaborations across Europe. This unique format has its origins in analysis that we have carried through a very close dialogue with our clients – the buyers of Luxury Inventories”, sums up Blanca Morales.

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