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Live the dream

Our mission is to deliver the very best luxury solutions to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We work very hard to select the object we would want to own ourselves and never compromise with our quality. Our due diligence process mean that we never offer anything we have not vetted thoroughly. This way whatever you desire, you can be sure that what we offer will live up to your expectations.

Wall Street Luxury Europe in short:

  • A part of the Wall Street Luxury Group, is a full-service platform for sales and marketing of luxury inventories.
  • Wall Street Luxury Group has been around for 10 years and is a key partner for sellers and buyers of luxury inventory.
  • Our platforms and our network consist of tens of thousands of HNW-UHNW (Ultra high-net-worth) clients.
    With Wall Street Luxury as the sales and marketing tool, our sales network sells and markets your luxury inventory through an exclusive global direct process to qualified investors, buyers and clients.
  • Wall Street Luxury operates and has clients around the globe.
  • Wall Street Luxury Europe is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden and the Wall Street Luxury group is based in Connecticut, USA.